Article 24 of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognises that education should be accessible “… without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunity … within an
inclusive education system at all levels …”

St Brigid’s College embraces the diversity of all students and provides a supportive learning environment that encourages a sense of identity, belonging, wellbeing and success.


We strongly believe that this is best achieved through inclusive education practices across all areas of the College that promote a holistic approach to each student’s academic, spiritual, physical, aesthetic, cultural, and social and emotional development. Inclusive education is an ongoing learning process with the goal of nurturing students and removing barriers to learning that may prevent a student from reaching their full potential.

We encourage and respect diversity in ability, and provide an inclusive curriculum addressing the student’s cognitive, emotional, social and creative development

Staff support inclusive education and have a commitment to;

  • Encourage every student to seek and develop the best in themselves;
  • Honour and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual;
  • Teach learners to be resilient and to enjoy life-long learning;
  • Empower students to have a richer appreciation of the gift of learning;
  • Develop students’ self-esteem and positive well-being through relevant teaching and learning experiences;
  • Facilitate students’ effective participation and access to the curriculum;
  • Consider the different learning styles of all students.
  • Extend and support learning through differentiation in which tasks are modified to suit the needs of the student. This involves students who;

– require acceleration and/or enrichment of learning and teaching programs;

-require intervention and additional support due to their identified needs; and

-require support because English is not their mother tongue or first dialect.

Fostering a partnership among the student, parent, and school is a priority and helps to build a community that values communication, collaborative relationships and mutual respect. Each child is valued as an individual with exceptional abilities and has the right to feel safe, supported and included.

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