St Brigid’s Service in Action Programme helps Year 7 to 12 students identify and act on important personal and world issues.

Mercy in Action


Mercy in Action, Making a Difference is a Service as Action programme that helps the Year 7 to 12 students identify and act on issues important to them and the world. It should be a journey of discovery and empowerment which focuses on common values and community issues. Students need to show their concerns and interests and work those into a community based project. Through their participation in this programme, students have discovered that not only the people that they are assisting are benefiting, but so are they. When one gives, one also receives. The sense of appreciation and satisfaction received is a true and lasting reward.

Cambodia Outreach Immersion


The Cambodia Outreach Immersion is an in-country working programme where students are totally immersed in the culture, the history, the poverty and living conditions of an underdeveloped country. The purpose of the outreach programme is to bring awareness to our students of the needs of others, particularly those in a third world country. We intend to educate the students about the social justice issues in Cambodia (such as poverty, homelessness, access to education, health, employment) as well as encouraging them to reach out their hands and hearts to the Cambodians in a practical and faith-filled manner. Our aim is also to build, encourage and sustain empathy and action for our students beyond school and to contribute to building a more just and equal world.

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