St Brigid’s College became an authorised IB World School in December 2008. All students enrolled in Years Seven to Ten at St Brigid’s College engage in this comprehensive and internationally recognised programme.

As a school in Western Australia, St Brigid’s College is committed to the Western Australian Curriculum. As a framework, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) defines how we teach at the College, whilst the West Australian Curriculum outlines what we teach.

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme provides a framework that is consistent across all levels and learning areas within the College. The curriculum model places the child at the centre and has a philosophy that promotes the ‘connectedness’ of learning. A strong emphasis is placed on the rigour of the individual areas of study while promoting the links between these.

Another key component of all IB programmes is the Learner Profile. It is central to the development of the student and it works in conjunction with St Brigid’s College values. The IB Learner Profile is at the heart of all IB programmes and is the IB Mission Statement in Action.

The MYP provides students with an excellent knowledge and range of skills that are the foundation for future study. Students in Year 9 commence and in Year 10 complete the Personal Project, which is an individual project of their choice that is completed over an extended period of time. The Project provides students with skills that assist students with life after school. The Personal Project challenges, inspires and deepens understanding “I was able to gain more knowledge on my chosen topic and it also allowed me to learn how to communicate with adults better”. It opens up a world of unique experiences and equips those who undertake it for a future we cannot fully predict. In this lies the true power of the Personal Project. “I learnt how to manage myself better and be able to finish school work and still have a social life and time for myself to relax. I also learnt how to gather reliable and relevant research. I also learnt how to interact with people within my community and receive information from many types of people”

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