The purpose of English courses at St Brigid’s College is to equip students with the skills to become confident communicators, critical thinkers and contributing citizens in the communities they belong to.

All English courses at the College are structured around the Western Australian curriculum for English, with an emphasis on the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy.


As students progress through the years, they evolve into independent learners who are capable of interpreting and producing increasingly complex texts. Learning differentiation is a cornerstone of all English courses at the College, ensuring that students are able to encounter and create texts in ways that are personally accessible as well as intellectually challenging to them.

Junior and Middle School students are offered the Western Australian curriculum for English through the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme. These programmes enable students to develop their writing, reading, viewing, listening, speaking and creating skills through richly relevant real-world contexts, both local and global. Students are exposed to world literature as well as texts from familiar contexts, facilitating their development as intercultural interpreters and producers of texts.

Senior years English students are exposed to a range of options in their selection of English courses in order to accommodate their post-secondary pathways. In ATAR English Literature, ATAR English and General English courses of study, students refine their abilities to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms in a range of relevant contexts. In the final years of English study, students develop and consolidate the skills they need to step into post-secondary pathways as competent and engaged users of the English language in all its modes.

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