At St Brigid’s College the students are given the opportunity to learn a second language as they strive to become global learners. Aligned with the WA Curriculum as well as IB Philosophy, all PYP students engage in Italian classes. Through the MYP Programme, students further study either Italian or French. Currently Italian WACE courses are offered in Year 11 and 12.

Language in the Classroom

The learning of a Language also entails immersion into cultural experiences. Students from PYP, MYP and WACE, participate in a variety of in-class and external activities all aimed at enhancing classroom learning and promoting cultural understandings. Activities range from cultural degustation, puppet shows, theatre outings, opera workshops, cooking demonstrations by local chefs, guest speakers, concerts, and participation in State and National Languages Competitions. Each element is carefully planned to challenge and motivate students to explore, create and achieve.

Beyond the Walls-Exchanges and Study Tours

At Saint Brigid’s College connections are forged with ‘sister’ Universities and Organisations in order to create real life and sustaining opportunities for students to utilize their language skills. Our families host students from other countries and in return our girls often have the opportunity to participate in reciprocal exchanges or Study Tours as a way of experiencing first-hand the culture and language of another country. SBC also hosts University students from Italy who often choose to visit Australia in order to enhance their English. Through the WAATI Language Assistant Programme, students work in classrooms alongside our girls providing invaluable insight and authentic language experiences. If you are interested in participating in this programme as a Host Family please click here for more information and application forms.

Language Club

Our Language Club takes place once a week during a lunchtime break. Sessions are run by Language Teachers and Language Assistants and include extra tuition, authentic cultural activities and conversation rotations. Students are encouraged to participate at any stage of the term according to their interests and needs.

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