Numeracy and mathematical literacy are both fundamental life skill that require practice and patience. The study of mathematics is a vital component in the understanding of many other disciplines and at St. Brigid’s College we aim to instil in our students an appreciation for the power of mathematics.  

Maths classes at St. Brigid’s College are vigorous, student led and inquiry based. We aim to provide our students with the skills to problem-solve effectively and use the maths they have learned to make sensible and conscious decisions about social and economic issues.


Students studying Mathematics at St. Brigid’s College have the added benefits of taking part in:

  • Maths Club; for students seeking additional tutorage from their Maths teachers (held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon)
  • Engaging and motivating activities during Maths Week (Term 3)
  • Extension classes in Years 9 and 10 which stimulate the most-able students
  • National competitions such as the Australian Mathematics Competition and the Have Sum Fun Competition

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