Ministry News

Praise & Worship Celebration
On Thursday, 22 July, Our College Ministry Leaders, Cristal (Year 9 ) and Leane (Year 6), attended the opening celebration for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The celebration, held at St Mary’s Cathedral, was led by the Very Rev Father Vincent Glynn – Episcopal Vicar for Education and Faith Formation. We prayed for all our students involved in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival this term – may they enjoy sharing their God given gifts and talents with each other.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Our Year 3 students are currently preparing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time during this term. Parents and students have had the opportunity to attend workshops run by 24/7 Youth Ministry.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Friday, July 30th is the international World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.
See website for further information:
Did you know?
• In 2018 about 50,000 human trafficking victims were detected and reported by 148 countries.
• 50 per cent of detected victims were trafficked for sexual exploitation, 38 per cent were exploited for forced labour.
• Female victims continue to be the primary targets. Women make up 46% and girls 19% of all victims of trafficking.
• Globally, one in every three victims detected is a child.
• The share of children among detected trafficking victims has tripled, while the share of boys has increased five times over the past 15 years.
Source: UNODC Human Trafficking FAQs

Focus for Fundraising – Term 3
Our fundraising for Term 3 will support the work of Mercy Works.
Mercy Works is the development arm of the Australian and Papua New Guinean Sisters of Mercy. Their mission is inspired by Catherine McAuley’s vision of change for the poor and disadvantaged.
Mercy Works are financed by donations from the four Australian congregations of the Sisters of Mercy, charitable trusts & foundations, various organisations & groups and individuals.


Adrian Martino
Head of Faith and Mission