Ministry News

The College community was delighted to hear of two past students continuing with Mercy Outreach work they began at the College back in 2015 when they both attended this College’s Cambodia Immersion Tour. They were extremely dedicated workers prior, during and post immersion.  The experience had such an impact on them that they have recently returned to Cambodia, under their own steam to work with some of the organisations with whom the College has connections.


They booked time to stay with Sister Denise and worked with her at the Reflection Centre and they contacted one of the schools (Happy Days Cambodian Village School) in order to go and spend some days teaching English to the students.  Their respect, dedication and love for the Cambodian people has manifested itself in this selfless work which they are carrying out.

We are very proud of Grace and Georgie and what they have achieved in helping others, conducting themselves in a respectful and dedicated manner  and doing  so much to improve the lives of young people in Cambodia.


Debbie O’Hara
Ministry Team