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2022 has been a strange year with COVID and restrictions at the start to a free for all pretty much by the end. However, we are very thankful to the families who still followed the Health Department Guidelines. This has enabled the College and classes as well as the socials to all run smoothly for the final weeks at school.

Even though we have come to the end of the academic year for 2022 a lot has still being happening.

The Year 7s had their Neon disco with the young gentlemen from Mazenod. There were groovy moves on the dance floor not just from the students but the staff who attended.  We welcomed the 2023 new families for orientation. The young ladies had fun and swapped phone numbers so they can stay in touch over the Christmas break.



The Years 7 -9 students attended their activities day. The 7 and 8s went to Fremantle to watch a movie then headed across to Cicerello’s for fish and chips. A walk across the park to catch the buses and back to school.

year 7
year 72
Year 7 Activity

While the Year 9s went to Bounce and had a blast. Shooting hoops while bouncing, enjoying a cold drink in between bouncing activities. It is great to see the young ladies helping each other throughout the day.

year 93
year 92

We finished the year off with our final assembly where the College Assistant Leaders for 2023 were announced. Florence Clarke is Ministry, Lilah Rooke is Cultural, Ayesha Lewis is Sports and Molly Ward is Sustainability. These young ladies will be working alongside the SRC Leaders throughout 2023 to form the Student Voice.

Well it is that time of the year to say good bye to families who are leaving St Brigid’s College and hello to the families who are joining us. We wish everyone all the best with the path they travel.

I would like to take this time to thank you for your ongoing support, as I have always said it is a partnership between parents and the school when it comes to the education of young minds.

Wishing you all a safe Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you and your daughters in 2023 where new things will happen.



Fiona Hepi