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Hello everyone,


I am not sure where the ten weeks have gone!

I hope this e-news finds you and your family all safe and well and you are doing your best in keeping COVID out of your house. This does seem to be getting more challenging each week. Still, I know the majority of the young ladies attending school are doing their best to keep it out of College by wearing their masks correctly and following the safety steps regarding social distancing and hand sanitiser. The break from school means that they can keep their mask off a little longer during the day and enjoy breathing fresh air while having some downtime.


This term was a little tricky when it came to running events, so with the help and support from the SRC Leaders, they reinvented some activities to give everyone some fun time while also keeping everyone safe at the same time. The girls could celebrate Mass in the College Chapel while streaming it to other Homerooms. They wore their masks during their dance, art and science classes.


We managed to celebrate International Women’s day by holding a breakfast picnic on the grass area outside the cottage for the Year Twelve young ladies. While we were enjoying the serenity of the College, some of the College Student Leaders stood up and shared stories of women from around the world who inspired them.

The Year 12 Leaders and Reps held a COVID safe House Activity day. The students competed against the clock to either get the fastest time or the highest number while competing as a Homeroom completing seven activities within 40 minutes. One activity was getting changed out of their bathers back into their school uniform, and it was pleasing to know that the girls could change within 5 minutes. So, there is no excuse now when they say it takes them too long to get changed.







The young ladies are looking forward to Term Two with their fingers crossed that they will be able to start participating in extra-curriculum clubs (Maths, English, Science, dance, Choir, Sewing, Computing), to name a few. The teachers are also looking forward to running the clubs as they know that they are helping student consolidate their learning.


Term Two is winter uniform; this means blazer, tie, skirt, blouse, jumper and socks or stockings. The only time the students officially need to wear their stockings is on photo day or when they represent the College. Last year some students started wearing different jumpers and hoodies under their school uniforms. We ask that you please monitor this as they will be asked to remove them. As it gets colder, I recommend wearing a skivvy/singlet under their blouse to keep them warm.


The Link for SchoolTv this newsletter is about The Conflict in Ukraine


Fiona Hepi

Head of Secondary