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We have reached the halfway mark for the Term.

The Year 12s have finished their exams and the Years 10s and 11s commence with theirs – we wish them the best of luck. This will be the first time the Year 11s will sit three hour exams and to help any feeling anxious about this, I suggest that the girls drink plenty of water, make sure that they get up and go for short walks during study time, eat well and get plenty of sleep.  The Year 10s exams are not as long, but they still need to do the same de-stress activities to help them during the exam period. I hope the girls have spoken to you about the study tips they have received from their teachers and that make use of them wisely.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Year 11 and 12 girls will attend their retreats, the Year 10s will have their future focus days, and the Year 7s & 8s will attend their first socials with Mazenod. The whisper around the College is of excitement as they look forward to the opportunity to socialise with others outside of the classroom environment.

It is great to see that the majority of the girls are carrying their organiser with them, with a copy of their timetable so staff can check that they are in the correct uniform. However, just as a friendly reminder, the girls may come to school wearing their sports uniform if they have sport or dance before recess, but they have to change into the College winter uniform at recess time if they don’t have sport or dance again that day. If they have sport or dance after lunch, then they can go home wearing their sport uniform.

We have the Interhouse Athletics Carnival coming up in Week 7. The girls have been training hard including doing high jumps during their lunch break in preparation. Since the House points are really close in the House Championship tally, it’s anyone’s competition! If you would like to help out on the day, please contact Ms Leanne Caine or Mr Liam Merigan.

I had the privilege of travelling to Ringer Soak with three other staff members and nine students to work with the staff and students at Birlirr Ngawiyiwu Catholic School. This was an excellent opportunity for our girls to engage in service for others. The girls and the staff all worked extremely hard during the visit. They made a water stream in the Kindy /Pre-Primary outdoor play area. This involved the girls picking rocks, shoveling sand, moving a substantial piece of corrugated metal for the water to flow down and cementing the rocks around the stream. The girls also helped with the breakfast club every morning and ran daily fitness classes for the students. They also went into the classrooms and worked with the girls and boys in small groups working on Literacy and Numeracy activities. Saturday night they organised a disco with a sausage sizzle and prizes.  The immersion was an eye opener for our girls as well as an awesome experience.  Seeing how the young boys and girls at Ringer Soak come to school, even if they have sores on the bottom of their feet or on their knees, really made an impact on them all.   I believe the resilience that the young boys and girls displayed really made an impact on our girls and the staff.

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School