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Term Two has concluded with a variety of activities happening across the Secondary School including Retreats for our Year 11 and 12 students. The Year 12s went to Fairbridge for a series of presentations the Youth Mission Team and Mass celebrated by Fr McMahon.



The Year 11s went to New Norcia where they had tours of the town, and the cemetery, visited the museum and art gallery and attended a presentation from one of the monks about his life in the monastery. In between all of this, they had time for meditation and to write a letter to themselves which they will open when they go on their Year 12 Retreat.


The Year 11 Drama students have put in long hours rehearsing for their Drama Production ‘Hitler’s Daughter. A fantastic effort by all of the girls and the Mazenod boys. In between all of this they had their River Cruise with Mazenod. A wonderful evening was had by all.


Hitler’s Daughter production


Year 11 River Cruise


We are currently in the process of finalising Year 11 nominations for College leadership in 2020.

The Year 10s attended their Future Focus days where they had some fun at Latitude on the trampolines and the high ropes followed by visits to the universities looking at future career pathways. They finished the week with their retreat held at school with sessions presented by the Catholic Mission group and popular motivational speaker, Greg Mitchell. It was also great to see the number of parents who attended the Keys4Life parent information evening along with their Year 10 daughters.

The Year 9 Representatives attended the Altitude Day and then shared what they’d learnt with the rest of the cohort. The girls said that the experience was great, and the guest speakers had excellent ideas to help motivate young people.

The Year 8s have had their first social with Mazenod. At the start the young ladies, were a bit hesitant in holding the young gentleman’s hands while dancing, but this soon dispersed by the end of the evening. The boys and girls learnt some new dance steps (oldies but goodies) that maybe they would like to teach their parents and will use again when they are in Year 10 during the ballroom dancing classes.


The Year 7s also had their first social for the year, venturing for an afternoon of ice-skating. The young ladies had a great time. One student said, “I just kept going around hanging onto the rail, but then I let go and was able to ice skate by myself”. An icy excursion, but was lots of fun. It was great seeing some of the staff enjoying the glide around the ice rink too.

Many students believe they ‘have their acts together’ and don’t need to organise their time in a structured way. The reality for most of them is the exact opposite. Making a choice to create a timetable of their commitments and responsibilities will provide them with more time to do what they want to do and sticking to it will also build their resilience to distractions. I hope to see many girls take just a little time to do this over the break in readiness for next term.

After living by their timetables for a few weeks, they will realise for themselves how it is making their lives better. Doing this requires deliberate practise and a sustained effort which will create patterns for their brains to tune in to.

The self-regulation strength encourages students to take greater ownership of their learning progress because their Personal Timetable is a contract with themselves. They develop a sense of meaning and purpose for being at school, which will provide them with more time for themselves by reducing “nothing time” between activities.

Below is a link that Elevate has provided to all of the parents to help create a study timetable for after school and on the weekends. I recommend that you sit down with your daughter and go through the timetable to help her develop a sense of meaning and purpose for being at school.

I always say and I told the students at our last assembly, that they need to do their part around the house during the holidays –  this includes cooking, washing and folding the washing

Wishing you all a safe break and looking forward in hearing the girl’s stories when they return on Tuesday 23rd July.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School