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Wow! Where has the term gone? With everything from Socials, Catholic Performing Arts performances, Father-Daughter Dinner, Dad’s Big Breakfast, 2020 College Leadership Interviews, immunisations, Athletics and Cheerleading training, quiz nights and a treasure hunt – it has been an absolute hive of activity! We try to cater to everyone, and the above activities are only a few that have occurred this term.

A hugely successful evening was held on Friday 9 August when the College’s Art Team presented a fabulous Arts Showcase Night. Former students and staff joined the college community, some as performers, others in the audience, to watch our current students sing, dance and act the night away. It was a cold evening, but we kept warm enjoying all the magnificent performances. A huge thank you needs to go out to all of the students and the College Arts Team.

The Year 10s completed their dance lessons and on Wednesday 28 August, “frocked up” for their Dance Social in the College Gym. A hard working committee decorated the venue so that it looked more like a function centre and the result was fantastic. Throughout the evening, the young gentlemen from Mazenod and the young ladies from St Brigid’s were able to show off the dance skills that they had learnt and practised during the dance classes.

We started the Father’s Day celebrations off with Dad’s Big Breakfast. There were 300 plus people who joined us for breakfast. A huge thank you to the mum’s and the one dad who arrived very early to cook the bacon, hash browns and eggs.  I know it was appreciated by the dads and their children who joined us for breakfast.

The Year 11s hosted the Father / Daughter dinner and the young ladies, with the support of Mrs Brown, turned the staff room into a rock and roll themed venue. The fathers had the pleasure of sharing their Dad jokes, and yes, there were some great ones, but there were also some terrible jokes (sorry dads). Our guests were well fed, watered and kept entertained with a photo booth and the MCs for the evening.

The Year 7 and 8s have now completed their immunisations for 2019. However, if your daughter was absent on the day the Clinic Nurses were at school, they will be able to attend a catch-up session in Term Four. Keep an eye on your emails from our College Nurse Cate Mitchell.

The Parent Forum organised and ran their first Secondary School quiz night recently, which was a sell-out. A great evening was had by all the girls who attended. The quizmaster kept the girls entertained with his music clips and activities organised in between rounds. They had pizza and soft drink for supper along with their own their nibbles and the  winning table received double passes to Ace Cinemas. A huge thank you to the Parent Forum for this successful event.

The Middle School AFL team finished the competition third on the ladder. A great effort by all of the girls, considering they had never played together before as a team. The Athletics Squad has been training hard and is now ready for the Mazenod Meet.  The girls who made it into the Cheerleading programme have also been very busy, attending the early training sessions on Monday and Friday mornings.


The Year 12 girls have been counting down the number of days they have left at school, and they are very excited to only have nine regular school days left in between their learning, revising for their exams in weeks 9 and 10, rehearsing for this week’s Mock Rock and their dance routine for the final Boater throw in a few weeks.

Just a friendly reminder, that if you are planning a family holiday, your daughter needs to have her teachers sign the extended leave form that is located on the College Website. Once you and your daughter’s teachers have completed the form, it needs to be handed in at Student Reception three weeks before you leave for your holiday.


Warmest regards

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary