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Term Four started with the College saying farewell to the young ladies in Year 12.

It was great to see that a number of them started their school life at SBC way back in Kindy and followed it through to Year 12. The College put on a fantastic farewell to the girls after they demonstrated their dance moves and coordination at the traditional boater throw. The younger students formed a guard of honour and handed every Year 12 a flower as they made their way onto the Junior Oval for their final year group photo. The day ended with their graduation mass and dinner. The last send off to the Year 12s was Monday evening at the Presentation Night. The young ladies walked off the stage and out of the Concert Hall as the Graduates of 2019.


The 2020 College Leaders did a fantastic job being waitresses at the graduation dinner with the support and encouragement of the staff. They are now settled back into school preparing for their final Year 11 exams before they go on a well-deserved break.

Year 7- 10 students completed their Interdisciplinary Units (IDU) this week. This is where the girls get the opportunity to showcase things that interest them in through a variety of ways from PowerPoints, skits, posters, to running informative sessions for Junior School students. The IDU provides the girls with a meaningful connection between the learning areas and is supported by expert groups of staff.

We celebrated our athletes at last week’s Sportspersons Awards Evening where students received colours, certificates and honours for their participation and commitment to sport and college teams.  The special guest speaker, Hockeyroo player Georgia Wilson, shared her personal story about how important it is to  never to give up and always  keep striving for what you want to achieve

It was great to see all of the Art on display in the McAuley Building at the Student Art Exhibition – what talent we have amongst our students.

Finally, just a couple of friendly reminders;

  • The girls need to wear their summer dress and their boater to and from school every day
  • If they must have their phone, it needs to be locked in their locker during school hours; otherwise, it will be confiscated for the day. Your daughters don’t need their phone unless specifically told so by the teacher (Year 8 Design class for filming). They are more of a distraction than an aid.

Year 12 parents whose daughter is sitting her ATAR exams, I wish you the best of luck in supporting her through this tough time in life (she thinks it’s tough). My words of wisdom are; remind her that who she is at 18 isn’t who she has to be for the rest of her life. Tell her not to feel crushed if she doesn’t get the mark she wants, especially if she is still scratching her head over what to do in the future.  ATAR will not define her. Also, tell her to go to bed and not to still be up at 4 am studying, drinking Coke and listening to music.  I also encourage you to take your daughter out for short walks to break up her study. If she says she is too busy with her studies, tell her that walking gets the endorphins and serotonin flowing, and these will help with her studying.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School