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We welcome all our families old and new to another fabulous year at SBC.

This year, we tried something new, a staggered start, and from the feedback received to date, it was a success. It provided the Year 7s time to meet their Year 11 Peer Support Mentors. It also offered a full day for our Year 11 and 12 students to meet with their teachers and receive the SCSA course outlines for 2020.

A significant event took place on Friday before school commenced.  The Year 12 MIA MAD Ball. The young ladies and gentlemen all looked very smart. Some staff even had trouble recognising the girls as they looked so different all “frocked up”. It was a fantastic evening, and from all reports, they all enjoyed themselves.

The year has got off to a flying start with our first guest speaker, Paul Litherland presenting to the Year 7-12 students on how to stay safe while online. He discussed similar topics at an evening session for parents. Paul particularly referred to the hidden Apps. They look like regular Apps; however, behind them, are hidden Apps that may compromise online safety. Paul stressed to the students that safety is the most important thing they all need to consider.  He highlighted things such as when at shopping centres with free Wi-Fi – to never use it, as this is one-way hackers can get into your devices. On the whole, the girls all appreciated the sessions with Paul.

We celebrated the start of the Year with a College Mass, presented the 2020 College Leaders their badges and recognised the 90+ ATAR students from 2019. We are very blessed in having the magnificent grounds surrounding Lesmurdie House where we can hold these celebrations under the magnificent old oak trees.

The Student Representative Council introduced themselves to the secondary students last week at assembly by presenting “High School Musical” in SBC style. Year 7-12 Representatives were presented with their badges as were Choir, Music and Dance Leaders. The Year 7s will be presented with their badges after their camp.

The Secondary Parent Information Evening was Tuesday night, and for the parents who were not able to attend, the material covered will be made available. One item discussed on the evening was the College Mobile Phone policy. Students are not to have their mobile phone on them at all during school hours (8:35 -3:23). If you need to get in touch with your daughter, please call Student Reception on 92904256. If your daughter needs to get in touch with you, she will call from the Student Reception phone.

Some important dates to remember:

  • Tuesday 18th February House Swimming Carnival – Years 7 -9 in the morning and Years 10-12 from 12 pm
  • Wednesday 19th to 21st February – Year 7 on camp
  • Monday 24th February – Year 10 Roller Skating social
  • Tuesday 25th February – Year 8 Team works Development Day
  • Wednesday 26th February – Ash Wednesday
  • Friday 28th February – Student Free Day


Kind regards

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School