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WOW!  We are already halfway through first term and your daughters have been learning about student wellbeing and how to balance school work with safe risk-taking and stepping outside of their comfort zones.

The Year 9s went to Swan Adventure Camp for a day trip and had to rely on each other to get through a variety of trust and team activities. Even though it was a scorching hot day, the girls’ participation was outstanding and a lot of laughter was had by all.

We also held the Secondary House Swimming Carnival and saw some great performances. Congratulations to the following Champions and Runners-up:

Year Group Champion Runner – Up
Seven Rose Considine Lila Sabetta
Eight Remy Fernando Mia Sabetta/Ruby Blumears
Nine Ruby Anderson Anakah De Jong
Ten Meg Hopkins Caitlin Isard
Eleven Elyssa Thomas Alyx Hawkins
Twelve Hannah Archer Ashleigh Fetherston

It was a very close Carnival with McAuley House winning by six points followed by Shine. Docherty House won the spirit bear.  They led with cheering over their House competitors and having the cleanest bay at the end of the day.

The Year 7s went on their teambuilding camp to Point Peron and they had the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including bike riding, paddle boarding, designing rafts (that not only floated but also held four/five girls) and crate stacking (it was amazing to see how high they could go). The girls had a fantastic time; however, some of them were attacked by mosquitoes on the first night.  I was very impressed with how they showed resilience and even participated in the activities on the following two days. The staff who attended the camp helped the young ladies who succumbed to mosquito bites by applying cream bought from the local chemist as well as spraying all the dorms and supplying mosquito repellent to the girls for use before bedtime.


The Year 8s went to Challenge/HBF Stadium to participate in high and low rope activities learning how to be risk-takers in a safe environment.  Some of the girls had the opportunity to do the “leap of faith”. Screaming was the common language during that event.

The Year 10s had their first social with Mazenod, roller skating. They showed some resilience by relying on either a blade or four small wheels to travel around the rink – some at high speeds whilst others were still getting their balance when it was time to finish.

We celebrated International Women’s Day at breakfast with Class of 2010 Graduate and Head Girl, Megan Ansell who shared her story with our current Year 12s.  Megan had those who attended in awe at how much she has done and achieved since leaving SBC.

As we acknowledge International Women’s Day, I would like to share the inspirational quote below from Principal Flint, whose mother tried to drown her in a bucket of water when she was born because she was born a female, and her mother already had a daughter.

“Ms Flint is passionate about education for all and says it gives you choice, independence and confidence.
“If you’re educated and have some skill set, it gives you the choice to walk away if you need to and have the strength and independence to do it,” she said.
“I’ve taught at all-girls schools and have had girls say to me ‘what is the point of learning this algebra?’
“That’s not the point — it’s about having enough education behind you to make choices in life as a woman if you need to.
You can have a career; you can have a family, you can make it in this world and have your own choice if you need to make those choices.”

Quote from Principal Neesha Flint


The College Leaders attended the National Young Leader’s Day earlier this week, where they had the opportunity to listen to leaders share their stories. Some of the girls even managed to have their photo taken with John Coutis, an Australian born with a severe physical disability, who has overcome many a medical diagnosis and is now acknowledged as one of the world’s most inspirational speakers.

All of the girls have now completed one or more assessments. I ask that you discuss them with your daughter and if you have any concerns, please contact the relevant subject teacher.  All staff can be contacted via email at


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School