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We wish our Year 12s who start their Trail WACE exams this week all the best.

I have included some handy tips to help the young ladies as well as you, their parents.

Feeling so overwhelmed and anxious about your workload that you ‘freeze’, put things off and don’t get anything done.


  1. Get started. Starting a task reduces your anxiety about it.
  2. Set priorities. List all the tasks you have to do in order of importance and urgency, and work through them one at a time.

Putting it off
Putting off starting a task because it feels so overwhelming or complicated that you can’t face it.


  1. Break up the workload into small chunks.
    1. This is a very effective strategy. Break up work into as many small, achievable tasks as you can. Then when you sit down to study, you are not facing a vast, daunting pile of work, but one small job.
    2. Complete a ‘chunk’ every study period. It might be a task or a period of revision. Take a break after completing a ‘chunk’. If it’s something you’ve been dreading, reward yourself when you’ve done it!

Distractions everywhere
Whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by distractions competing for our attention. Yet giving in to them can derail your productivity and become another method of putting things off.

Distractions never go away – you have to fight them and focus on study actively:

  1. Identify what distracts you. Is it social media, email, or mobile phone? Identifying distractions is key to blocking them.
  2. Set firm goals for yourself and set specific timeframes for completing them (starting with short term goals can be easiest).
  3. Zone out everything else. Turn off your phone and leave it in another room, close email and social media. Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door; put on earphones and listen to some ambient sound to block out external noise or conversation.
  4. Reward yourself when the work is finished – but only if you’ve remained focused and used the time well.

The Year 10s had their formal dance social with a twist this year due to COVID. They skipped the dance lessons and went straight to their formal social where all of the young ladies and young gentlemen dressed up in their semi-formal attire and danced the night away. Lots of laughter and dancing occurred on the evening. It was great to see the girls respond maturely when they were asked for a dance by one of the young Mazenod boys.

Our Year 8s had their retreat recently where they had the opportunity to look at the gift of Creation and how to be good stewards at the 24/7 School Ministry in Osborne Park. A fantastic day was had by all including the staff who attended and listened to the crew from 24/7.




The Year 9 Italian students had an opportunity to go to an Italian Restaurant and  practise their Italian ordering  dinner and sharing a meal with their friends and staff. The French students also had the opportunity to share a French meal.



Whilst these events have been happening, the Athletic Squad have been training hard for the up and coming ACC Carnival.  The AFLW team too has been training and playing some great  games. As you can see, a lot of things are slowly coming back, but of course, we still have to monitor the social distancing  aspects carefully.


We end Term 3 with the announcement of the 2021 College Leaders, food and drinks stalls to support  Mercy Works and the Colour Run.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School