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Secondary School News

It is great to see the young ladies  all back at school and have starting  to get back into the routine of school life including wearing their full winter school uniform to and from school and making sure they have removed their extra piercings. (Well the majority of the girls have removed their extra piercings!) Please remind your daughter about removing their piercings before they leave home to come to school.

The first three weeks have flown by with the Pastoral Care Programmes starting up again as well as Year Assemblies. The Year 11s and Year 7s have had their Reflection days and had the opportunity to reflect on different subjects ranging from positive relations, self-reflection letters and Cana Communities, and just spending time with God.

The young ladies  have now all started to receive assessments for Term Three. I encourage you to print off the email or access the Parent Portal for the assessment outline for girls in Year 7 through to Year 10 and ask your daughter/s in Years 11 & 12 to write down when all of their assessments/tests are due so you can assist them with staying on track. I also encourage you to contact your daughter’s teachers regarding their work and the relevant Year Team Leader regarding any other concerns you may have about your daughter.

Several Year 11s bravely nominated themselves for various College Leadership positions and presented their speeches on Monday. However, due to COVID19, the young ladies zoomed their speeches to Year  9-11 students while the Year 7s and 8s were their “live audience” members. The Year 11s who have nominated for House Leader positions  will be presenting their speeches later in the term. We will announce the 2021 College Leaders on the final day of Term Three at our Mercy Day Mass.

It was great to have held the athletics carnival even if it had to be postponed by a couple of days. The day started out cold but warmed up by mid-morning before the sun started going behind the trees, and then it started to cool down again but no rain. The girls who were present and participated in events all seemed to enjoy the day. The parents who attended cheered on not only their daughters but also girls from the same house. The girls will receive an email from Ms Caine regarding training for the ACC Athletics Carnival which at this stage will be in week nine. A huge thank you to the Parent Forum for providing fresh fruit to everyone present at the carnival.

In recent days, Year Team Leaders have had to speak to students regarding  using their mobile phone at school and posting themselves in their school uniform on public social media sites. The students involved have been spoken to and reminded about being safe while online. We ask that you have a conversation at home with your daughter/s about cyber safety, including making their accounts private. If they are going to post themselves on social media sites, then they need to make sure they are not wearing their school uniform.

I would like to share a quote about healthy human beings;

We are social animals; we have a natural concern for other members of our community. It’s they on whom our lives depend. This is why we need to teach our children about their emotions and how to tackle those that are destructive. Our aim is a community of healthy human beings.’ 

I believe as a whole community working together, we will achieve this aim, and the young ladies at St Brigid’s will be our future healthy human beings.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School