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Term Two has started well and will be over before we even get a chance to settle in. It is only a nine-week term

It was fantastic seeing our young ladies wearing the full winter uniform. A few changes have occurred regarding wearing the sports uniform in Term Two. If your daughter has sport/ dance before recess, then she can come to school wearing her sports uniform. She must bring her winter school uniform so she can change at recess. If your daughter has sport/dance after lunch, then she can wear her sports uniform home. If your daughter has two sports/dance lesson on the same day and she has other lessons in between then she can remain in her sports uniform for the entire day. If your daughter has after-school training on the school grounds and she has sports/dance during the day, then she may remain in her sports uniform for the day. However, a parent or guardian must write a note in the organiser advising staff the day she has training. If the weather is raining, then I recommend that your daughter has a change of clothes, so she stays dry (just in case they are caught out on the oval).

The college blazer must be worn to and home from school. If it is warm, them, the girls remove the jumper and wear the blazer. I have encouraged the girls to have a spare pair of stockings in their bag since they can ladder easily. I have also told them that if they have a ladder in their stocking, to put clear nail polish at the end of the ladder, so it doesn’t spread.

This term started off with an eruption of colour on the Friday afternoon of the first week with our inaugural Colour Run. From all reports, the students had an explosion of a time. A huge thank you to the parents who helped and those who spectated on the day (I believe they had just as much fun as the students did) as well as all the parents who completed the course with their children. I do apologise for the all of the powder that may or may not have gone home with your child at the end of the day.

Week three saw the Year 7s and 9s sitting the online NAPLAN and the Year 12 general course girls sitting their ESTs. We wish them all the best of luck.

Our winter sports teams have started their competitions, and they have all been training hard, learning new skills with some of the students playing particular sports for the first time. Hopefully, if your daughter is playing a winter sport, you have the opportunity to go and watch a game or two (make sure you take a raincoat).

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, so if you have any concerns regarding your daughter and her school work, then I encourage you to email her teachers – don’t put it off. If your daughter is going to be absent from school for three or more days on holidays, then you and she need to fill in the extended leave form well before leave takes place. This helps her teachers with the planning of work, so she is not missing vital learning concepts. If your daughter is sick for three or more days, then a doctor’s certificate is also required.

I encourage you as parents, to get the girls to assist you around the house. I have had girls tell me that they can’t wear their uniform as mum didn’t wash it. I always say to them that they are old enough to know how to operate a washing machine and they should be washing their clothes!

It was terrific to share dinner with the Year 12s and their mothers at the Mother/Daughter Dinner held in the boarding dining room recently. Lots of laughter was evident, especially when they were changing the baby’s nappy in a hard fought contest between the mums.

Let’s all have a term full of learning new things and asking lots of questions.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary