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The term has started with our Athletics Carnival which was held this year at Kostera Oval. Thank you to the parents who managed to take some time off to come and watch. We were blessed with it being a beautiful day considering all of the rain we had just prior to the event. It was great to see an increase in the number of students who participated in as many events as possible. The squad has now started their training sessions for the ACC Athletics Carnival.

A friendly reminder about the sports uniform and when the girls can wear it to school, and home from school was emailed to all of the girls. Below is a summary of what was mentioned

  • Students who have sport/dance period 2 or 3 can wear their full winter sports uniform to school, however must change into their winter school uniform at recess time
  • Students who have a sport/dance after lunch need to change at lunchtime, and then they can wear their full sports uniform home
  • The full winter sports uniform is the College Tracksuit top and pants. Not a hoody underneath the sports tracksuit
  • Students who have sport/dance in the morning and again in the afternoon can remain in their sports uniform for the entire day. They come to school wearing their sports uniform and go home in their sports uniform.
  • Students who have sport/dance after recess need to change at recess and then change back into their school uniform at lunchtime

As it has been a wee bit cold up here in the hills, I suggest that the girls wear a top underneath their blouse to help keep them warm.

If you are not sure if your daughter has sport, and they are trying to get away with wearing their sports uniform, ask them to show you their timetable or you can look it up on the Parent Portal on the College Web page (instruction are here). If they are in the wrong uniform, they will be placed on lunchtime detention.

I had the pleasure of attending the Arts Showcase and what a fabulous event it was. Being able to see students from Year 3 all the way to Year 12 perform in either a choir, dance or a skit. The event was officially opened by our very own talented Mr Mark Sills dressed up as a clown. A huge congratulations to all of the students and staff that spent many hours rehearsing not only for this event but also the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The staff and students put in many extra out of school hours preparing for these events.

The Year 11 students who nominated for a College Leader position in 2019 presented their speeches to students from Years 5 to 11, and then the students voted for their preferred candidates. Thanks to the Electoral Education Commission for providing polling booths and who will be counting the votes. We wish all of the girls the very best of luck in their leadership endeavours.

Term Three is when the Year 10s have formal dance lessons Monday and Wednesday afternoons and then their Formal Dance Social on the 6th September starting at 7 pm. Miss Wood has spoken to the girls about dress recommendations. If you are not sure, I highly recommend that you email her for clarification and suggestions.

Our Middle School Football team has played a number of games and they are doing very well indeed. The girls have tackled hard, won the ball and passed it beautifully in all their games demonstrating some super skills that I am sure some of them will use later when they are playing the AFLW in a couple of years.

Stay warm, make sure the chores are being done and monitor the use of Social Media especially in the bedrooms.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary School