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Our Year 12 students have just finished their Trial WACE exams and will have a little bit of down time before they sit the ATAR. We wish the girls all of the best for these forthcoming exams. Below are some healthy ways to help reduce stress

  • Physical – exercise/activity, massage, relaxation, mediation or Yoga
  • Emotional – Connect with family, friends
  • Thinking – Self reflect via journaling – Daughters need to do a Reality Check with their thoughts – ‘What am I saying to myself about this situation? How true is? Is it helpful to think this way? Where will it get me? What else can I think instead?
  • Behaviour – Examine your lifestyle and stressors/triggers (people, activities)
    • Learn to:
    • Say “no” to unrealistic demands on your time
    • Be assertive about your own needs
    • Set priorities and manage time realistically
  • How will you know if your daughter is overstressed?
  • Physical – headaches, fatigue, gastrointestinal/heart/immune problems, sleep and eating disturbances
  • Emotional – irritability and being easily frustrated, crying, feeling anxious or panicky, feeling overwhelmed
  • Thinking – they will say “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m giving up”,

Year 12 General Course students too, have worked hard in finalising their subject results  as well as receiving competencies for their Certificate II, III and IV courses. Well done ladies!

A huge thank you to Mrs Maxine Brown, Mrs Rachael Thomasson and the girls who ran the Father Daughter Dinner evening recently. The young ladies hosted  the evening, including providing the live entertainment courtesy of Tomisha Hunter and Emily Doncon. Congratulations to Mr Ben Harrison for winning the ‘closest coin to the bottle competition’  and the two fathers who won the worst Dad jokes.

The last half of this term has seen the Year 10s attend their formal dance social with Mazenod and it was great to see all the  girls politely accept the hand of a Mazenod young man when asked to dance. The girls were certainly ready for “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION”  theme for the evening. A warm thank you to Miss Martha Wood and the committee for organising the evening and the staff who assisted with the supervision throughout the evening.


The Year 9 girls have started their Personal Projects just as our Year 10s have finished theirs with the official  exhibition taking place last week. The girls have selected their topic  and staff have placed their name beside projects that interest them. We wish the girls all the best through this part of their independent learning development  and look forward to their final product at this same time in 2019.

The Year 9s had their final social for the year with Mazenod at the Morley Rollerdrome last Thursday. It was interesting to see how fast some of the boys can skate and how careful they were assisting the girls who  had trouble skating.


Our Year 8s had the pleasure of attending the ACC Athletics Carnival at Challenge Stadium as spectators where they cheered and supported  the SBC Team. All of the athletes did the College  proud  amidst some tough competition.


A huge congratulations to the Year 7 & 8 hockey team who won their Grand Final. The girls stuck to their guns and did not let the opposition put them off their game plan. Mr Stevens did a great coaching job throughout the season.

Yesterday  we celebrated Mercy Day. The day started off with Mercy Mass  followed by the announcement of the 2019 College Leaders.

In Term Four, the girls wear their summer dress with the green socks and their black lace up shoes. They need to wear their summer dress to school every day and bring their sports uniform to change in to. The only time your daughter needs to wear her sports uniform to school, is if a note has been sent home informing you of this .

Mobile phones are not to be used at school. If your daughter doesn’t need phone,  it is highly recommended that it stays at home. Research has shown that  teenagers have used their data on their phone as a source to connect to their social media such as (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook) while at school. This can lead to distractions during class time when their phone vibrates in their pocket. Even though we have asked students to leave their phones locked in their locker, they are not doing this unfortunately. The College policy is that if they are caught with their phone, it will be confiscated. If  it is  confiscated three times, the phone needs to be collected by parents and will be locked in the school safe until it has been picked up.

I wish you all a safe and happy break and remember it never hurt any of us to do jobs around the house when we were growing up so let’s hope the girls do a few chores around the place to help you out.

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary