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I want to welcome you all to the 2019 Academic College year. A special welcome to all the new families who have joined the Secondary School.

The Year 12s started the year off with their MIAMAD Ball at Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park.  The evening started with mocktails for the parents, the young ladies and their guest for the night. The girls then introduced their guest to Mrs Cox as they entered the stunning venue. All had a magnificent evening with great food and lots of dancing.  A huge thank you needs to go out to Mrs Cream, who is the driver of all the behind the scenes preparation for the Ball.

The Year 12 Leaders had an early start on the Monday after the Ball as they took part in a Leaders Day Workshop run by Alpha Motivation. Some of the young ladies looked extremely tired from their big day and evening the night before. However, it was very encouraging to see how they pushed through their tiredness and participated in the activities so enthusiastically.

The girls started the year off with a welcome assembly and introduction from Mrs Cox, the College principal. They had the pleasure of being able to see and feel what last year’s Colour Fun Explosion fundraising money bought. Four air-conditioning units have now been installed in the gym!

All students have now received their College organiser and I remind parents, that they, along with the girls, need to sign page 18A. This year, the organiser is used as part of the Pastoral Care Programme that the Year Team Leaders are implementing for Years 7-10 students. The programme has six elements and all are equally important in building student confidence and in turn wellbeing. The elements ‘positive Engagement, Relationships and Optimism, Strength and Emotions, Meaning and Purpose, Skills and Achievements and Exercise and Vitality’. I would encourage you to have a read of your daughter’s organiser to see what they are doing during the Pastoral Care sessions.

The Student Representative Council introduced themselves to the students and staff at our first Secondary Assembly for 2019. The young ladies did a fantastic performance of Kath and Kym watching a variety of television shows from The Block, The Big Bang Theory, Bondi Rescue to Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The rest of the students were able to sit back and enjoy the introduction.

Whilst it’s been a busy start to the term, it is great to see all of the girls working hard at getting back into the routine of a school day. It is also heart-warming seeing the old students helping all of the new students find their way around the College (The rabbit warren).

If you were not able to attend the Secondary Parent Information Evening, may I suggest that you contact your daughter’s Year Team Leader so they can keep you up to date with what is happening in 2019 for your daughter and her Year group. With this Newsletter, I have included a list of the clubs or what I call, free tuition for your daughters. These are run by teachers who are specialists in that area who will assist your daughter with any questions she has. It does mean that she might miss out on seeing her friends sometimes, but in the long run, it will benefit her studies. A schedule of clubs is available here.

It was terrific in seeing the high number of girls helping their House to gain points this year at the Interhouse Swimming Carnival held on Monday. Thanks also to all the parents who attended to support the girls.




The Year 7s had their Camp at Point Peron this week where they participated in safe but risk-taking activities to help create friendships and team building skills.

The Year 10s and 11s have had guest speakers from Elevate discuss with the girls’ organisation and study skills to assist them with their busy lives.

The Year 7, 8 and 10s will have their Immunisations in the coming weeks. On these days the girls will be wearing their Sports Uniform to school for the entire day.

Below are some handy hints to assist you at home while the young ladies are completing their homework. (Study classroom revision time)

Study = homework + revision
Home study can be divided into the following components:

  1. Completing unfinished classwork
  2. Assignments to be completed and handed in by a set date.
  3. Daily revision which should involve writing three key points about concepts learnt in classes each day into a revision notebook
  4. Revision for tests and in-class assessments

Given the four major components of home study, it would only be in very rare and unusual circumstances that a student will have a night with ‘no homework’. It is difficult to specify precisely the amount of time any student should spend on homework since abilities and the rate of work vary from one student to the other.

Recommended study time per day for each Year group are as follows:

  • Year 7 – 1 hour.
  • Year 8 – 1 ½ hour.
  • Year 9 –  2 – 2 ½ hours.
  • Year 10 – 2 ½ – 3 hours
  • Year 11 – 18 – 22 hours per week
  • Year 12 – about 25 hours per week

Developing a balance between school work, homework, co-curricular activities and family and social activities is vital for not only your daughter, but also for the family being able to do things together.

A lot of information regarding your daughter, including incursions and excursion is emailed out to the email address we have on our system. However, emails are bouncing back. If your contact details have changed, please notify the College so we can rectify this and keep you up to date with what’s going on. This also includes emergency contact details.


Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary