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Term 2, Week 3, St Brigid’s College News

Published May 12, 2023 · Academic

Dear Families, Students, Staff and Friends of St Brigid’s College,

Happy Mother’s Day

This morning we celebrated Mother’s Day by holding a Liturgy and morning tea.  It was heartening to see so many of our mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures in attendance enjoying the company with their children.

I was inducted into motherhood in 1999 with the arrival of my first child.  There is no doubt that motherhood is a wonderful journey and filled with joyous experiences, however, it is also filled with many new and unexpected challenges.  My life has been enriched by the love that I share with my three children.

There is a well known saying “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Our village is our community and it is affirming to see families supporting each other in the ups and downs of parenting.

I offer the following prayer for all of our mothers of our community:

Loving God,

You have loved us with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3)

You have loved us even more than a mother loves her child.

Today, we give you thanks and praise for the gift of mothers.

 We pray for the mothers-to-be,

who are just beginning to be the bearers of new life in them,

may they welcome their forthcoming child with loving anticipation and joy.

 We pray for the young mothers,

may they cherish their child with tender care and unconditional love.

 We pray for the mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, conflict, violence and for any other reasons

Comfort them, strengthen their hope, and let them feel your loving embrace that wipes every tear away.

 We pray for all Mother-figures,

those who have loved, surrounded and shaped us with motherly care and compassion.

 We especially pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us,

Their sacrifices and care gave us a glimpse of the extent of your love for us.

Thank you for them.

Grant health, blessings, and well-being for those our mothers who are still alive.

 We also remember those mothers who are no longer with us.

While they live forever in our hearts and memory grant them eternal rest and reward of their labours.



Hosting our Mercy Education Limited (MEL) Principals

Last week we reported on the Mercy Education Limited Principals’ Network Meeting hosted here at the College and mentioned the names of students who assisted us with prayer.   We would like to extend our sincere apologies to the Goodall family for inadvertently neglecting to mention their daughter, Isabella, who read beautifully and was a credit to them.  We also apologise to the Hawke family for incorrectly naming their daughter Isabelle as one of the children assisting on the morning.


CPSSA Swimming Carnival

As advised in last week’s Newsletter, our Years 3 to 6 swimming team headed to Challenge Stadium for the CPSSA Swimming Carnival on Friday, 5th May.  Ms Openshaw has kindly provided us with the following update:

Last Friday the Primary swim team competed at the CPSSA A division Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium. We were competing against seven Catholic schools from around Perth including Mel Maria, Ursula Frayne, Holy Rosary, Our Lady of Grace, St Peter’s, St Columba’s and Infant Jesus. After many weeks of early morning training sessions, the swimmers were very excited to finally be competing.

Although Mel Maria won Champion school on the day the St Brigid’s swimmers should be very proud of themselves. The girls placed 4th overall and the boys placed 7th. There were so many stand-out performances on the day, including the Year 5 and Year 6 girls who placed in almost every individual race and placed in all their relays. Isla, Emilia and Nate from Year 3 raced in the Year 4 races, placing in all of their individual races. And a special mention to Maisie, Natarsha, Tahlia, Nic, Jase and Daniel for competing in the open 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly races.

Well done to all our swimmers!”

Congratulations to all.


Let’s Celebrate our Children

This week, the following primary students received Merit Awards and, as a community, we congratulate them for their efforts:


PP Gold




Willow Altinier

Emma Bolding


  PP Gold Grayson Bristow-Sims

Mollie Horton

1 Gold Ava Giuffre

Charlotte Hawkins

  1 Green Theodore (Teddy) Sylwestrzak

Mya Tresham

2 Gold Madeline Avery

Cruz Marvelli

  2 Green Chadd Baylee

Tyler Rees

3 Gold Annemarie Martin

Jessica O’Connor

  3 Green Emillie Cranswick

Chloe Sheridan

4 Gold Georgia Allison

Ryan Burton

  4 Green Grace Hawkins

Georgia Pugh

5 Gold Verity Ball   5 Green Benjamin Guppy

Ava Tresham

6 Gold Zachary Cranswick

Ella Petersen

Harper Shadbolt

  6 Green Molly Griffiths

Emily Wright


 SchoolTV: A resource supporting the parenting of young people

 Because parenting doesn’t come with instructions, SchoolTV is a wellbeing resource that can support you in the challenges relating to modern-day parenting.

This award-winning resource helps build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers navigating a pathway towards better mental health and wellbeing for young people. It can assist in starting conversations on topics that are sometimes awkward or difficult to tackle.

Please refer to our College website for further information, and Special Reports on topics such as Mental Health, Cybersafety, Raising Boys, Positive Parents, and much, much more.


Fundraising Activities – Term 2, 2023

 Each year in Term 2, our fundraising efforts assist LifeLink Catholic Caring Agencies within the Archdiocese of Perth.  This year we are holding two concurrent events:

  1. Winter Appeal – Weeks 3 to 5

Each family is asked to bring to school non-perishable cans, goods and donations (see below) that will assist ‘The Shopfront’, a LifeLink Agency supporting needy families in the Archdiocese of Perth.


    Non-perishable Food Items

Cans of Spaghetti Packets of spaghetti / pasta / rice
Cans of Baked Beans Pasta Sauce
Soup Cans Packets of cereals / Weet-Bix / Porridge
‘Cup-a-Soup’ packets Tinned fruit
2 Minute Noodles Baby Food
Cans of Tuna Long-life Milk
Cans of vegies – corn, peas, tomatoes, etc. Tea
Cans of meat e.g. Spam, Braised Beef, etc. Coffee
Honey / Jam Milo
Peanut Butter / Vegemite Sugar
Savoury Biscuits Muesli Bars
Sweet Biscuits Snack Packs

    Non-Food Items

Cloth Shopping Bags / Strong Plastic Bags Baby Wipes
Toothpaste Tissues – boxes & small packets
Toothbrushes Combs / Brushes
Soap Men’s socks & jocks (new)
Deodorant Women’s socks & underwear (new)
Shampoo / Conditioner Sunscreen (small tubes)
Razors Tracksuit bottoms (can be second hand)
Shaving Cream Jeans (can be second hand)
Sanitary Napkins Hoodies & sweatshirts (can be second hand)
Tampons Sleeping Bags (can be second hand)
Disposable Nappies Warm blankets

St Pat’s Community Support Centre, who we have supported with donations in the past, have also requested support from us, as they are experiencing an even greater need than usual for this time of year.

Each House will create a ‘hamper stack’ in the Wandju Room with their donated goods.  House points to be awarded according to the amount donated by each House.  Donated goods will then be sent to The Shopfront and St Pat’s Community Support Centre.

Gold Coin Challenge

Later this term, the Young Mercies for Vinnies group will organise an event requiring a gold coin donation from each student.  House points are also to be awarded for the most coins collected.

Your generosity in supporting these two events will ensure that the wonderful work carried out by LifeLink Agencies and St Pat’s continues in our local community.

More information regarding LifeLink Agencies can be found at and St Pat’s Community Support Centre


Enrolments for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 2024

and Year 7, 2025

The College will commence enrolment interviews this term for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten 2024, and Year 7 2025.  If you would like to enrol your child, please contact our Registrar, Ms Patty Majko on 9290 4237 or via email –

Enrolments can be completed online via the College website or alternatively call into Reception and speak with Patty.


Kiss and Drive Name Cards

Having a card with your child’s surname displayed on the dash of your vehicle, can streamline the pick-up process from the Kiss and Drive.  If you require a card/s for your vehicle/s, please complete the form and we will print these up for you:

Kiss and Drive Display Cards


St Brigid’s College App

The St Brigid’s College ‘App’ is no longer updated or supported.  Please delete this ‘App’ from your devices.  The College website will enable you to locate the calendar and the most up to date information.



Congratulations to Summer Ajduk in Year 9 on her selection to represent our State in the U15s School Girls AFL team.  Summer will be travelling to Victoria later this term to compete in the State carnival.   We wish her all the best.

Our sincere congratulations to Fr Michael McMahon who recently won the Perth Clerical Association’s Golf Tournament at Whaleback Golf Course.  Fr McMahon was the oldest competitor to have won the title!  Well done Father.



Kind regards,

Veronica Parker


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