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Dance Catholic Performing Arts Festival 2022

On August 24, St Brigid’s College took to the Convention and Exhibition Centre stage to participate in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. From our littlest stars in year 3 to our oldest girls in year 12, our dancers shone on stage to some amazing results.


We could not be prouder of our youngest performers (Years 3 – 6) as they transitioned seamlessly from the familiar St Brigid’s stage to the professional and ‘massive’ stage at the Perth Convention Centre. They were true little professionals! Their routine ‘Space Jam’ was a celebration of the importance of being collaborative in all that we do in life. Under the guidance of Ms Walsh and with the incredible choreography and mentorship of Olivia Uetake, Samantha Scott and Isla Harvey. Our newly formed Blaze Dance Company under the guidance of Miss Stephanie Oborne and choreography by Denzel Mahusay brought their fierce energy and dedication to their performance. It was incredible to see them blow the audience away with their skills.

They received excellent comments and results from the judges impressed with their commitment on stage. Our SBC Dance Troupe choreographed by Olivia Smith also showed their narrative skills by performing ‘Heart Bound’, a work examining the need to be with each other and focus on what makes us bound to the earth. Our girls were exceptional in performing this work gaining exceptional comments and marks from the judges. Our Ballet Troupe named “Ballet Etoile” also performed their dance work “Maria”, a take on the West Side Story musical choreographed by Olivia Smith and Thalia Munyard. Our stunning ballet dancers displayed maturity and artistry showing the importance of the Ballet art form and the skill and technique it takes. Overall we were awarded some excellent results in all troupes with every troupe on the night gaining an award and some excellent comments!

  • Blaze Dance Company – Certificate of Excellence

  • Ignite Dance Company – Certificate of Excellence

  • SBC Dance Troupe – Certificate of Merit

  • Ballet Etoile – Certificate of Merit

Congratulations to all involved!