Advisory Council

Providing Advice and Support

The St Brigid’s College Advisory Council provides advice and support to the Principal and the Staff of the College. Members of the College Council are valued for their wisdom and the contribution they make to the functioning of the College and work together to ensure that the Mercy Ethos underpins the life of the College.

The purposes of the Council are as follows:

  1. To act as a consultative Council for the College and the Principal in the provision of Catholic education.
  2. To promote the Mercy ethos and to ensure the charism is alive and central to all deliberations.
  3. To assist the Principal and staff in school policy making, including the formulation of foundational documents and those policies related to child safety.
  4. To assist in the preparation of the College budget and to recommend its adoption.
  5. To provide advice concerning the financial administration of the College.
  6. To give such practical support to the College as required in matters such as capital development, the maintenance of College facilities and equipment.
  7. To take part in the strategic planning for the future operations of the College.
  8. To assist generally in developing relationships both within the College community and between the College and the wider community.
  9. Supporting any fund-raising activities organised by auxiliary bodies associated with the College.
  10. To facilitate the welcome of parents and students new to the College.
  11. To develop strategies for the local promotion of Catholic education.
  12. To provide advice according to members’ expertise.

Members of the College Advisory Council

Below are the Members who form St Brigid’s College Advisory Council:

A copy of the College Advisory Council Chair’s Report from 2022 can be found below.

College Advisory Chair's Report

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