Boarding at Saint Brigid’s College

Perth Boarding School for Girls

St Brigid’s College provides a happy and friendly living and learning environment for girls from Australia and many corners of the world. Our mission is to provide a warm, caring homely environment that offers independence, privacy, flexibility and fun!

Set in a semi-rural environment and surrounded by leafy trees and gardens, St Brigid’s College is a ‘home away from home’ boarding school for girls that combines tradition with outstanding facilities and technology.

  • Professional and highly trained staff
  • Excellent academic results
  • Special boarders’ activity programme
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Internet access
  • Access to College facilities including gymnasium, College Pool & Library

Our Boarding Program

We take great pride in our exceptional boarding program. Our boarding experience is meticulously crafted to provide a smooth transition into boarding life, ensuring that academic excellence is seamlessly combined with a fulfilling personal life.

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities, fostering friendships and personal growth. Our dynamic recreation program keeps weekends exciting with activities ranging from ice skating to shopping adventures.

Our dedicated staff and top-notch facilities offer unwavering support, creating a warm and nurturing home away from home for our girls. At St. Brigid’s, we believe that boarding should be an enriching and transformative journey, and we’re committed to making that vision a reality for each and every student.

Our Boarding program provides versatility to families, as on top of full Boarding options we also offer Short Term Boarding, from Monday to Friday.

Academic Support

Study time is supervised by the Housemothers with the students completing their homework in their rooms from 6.45 pm to 8.15 pm. Boarders in Years 10-12 may also complete a second study session till 10.00 pm.

School staff assist with homework supervision as needed, especially at the start of Year 7 when the girls are transitioning to secondary school routines.

The College coordinates a comprehensive tutoring programme, which allows the girls to be tutored at boarding by experienced tutors three nights each week during study time in a small group format (Tuesdays to Thursdays) and a Homework Club and Maths Club operate weekly as do a variety of seminar styled tuition groups run by the Learning Areas. Parents wishing to find out more about private tutoring possibilities should contact the Head of Boarding.

Boarding Recreation Programme

The Boarding Recreation Programme produces a social calendar at the beginning of each term, which outlines the activities available. The calendar is comprehensive with every effort being made to cater for all age groups as well as provide activities that the girls will enjoy. Each weekend two activities are offered and these range from ice skating, ten-pin bowling, movies, socials or shopping trips. In-house activities are planned with the girls having access to table tennis, air hockey and a pool table as well as board games and sporting equipment.

Boarding Facilities

St. Brigid’s offers boarding facilities focused on comfort and care. In our boarding houses, each girl enjoys the privacy of her own room, complete with a personal study area and WiFi access, fostering an environment that supports academic success. Furthermore, our houses feature dedicated lounge areas, fully-equipped kitchens, and convenient laundry facilities, creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Facilities access also extend to the College Pool, gymnasium and Library. To ensure our girls’ well-being, we have nurturing house mothers in each house who provide guidance and support. With room for up to 135 boarding girls, we take pride in fostering a close-knit community within our boarding program.

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Pastoral Care

St Brigid’s has dedicated staff, committed to delivering the best in residential care, around the clock.

Staff work closely with each student, as house mothers, tutors and friends, to help them manage their learning and ensure that they achieve their personal best, whilst keeping regular contact with the Day School teaching staff to ensure that each boarder’s learning needs are met, and liaise regularly with parents by phone, email and fax.

The School nurse visits the Boarding section every morning not only to check on the girls who are sick but also to assist any girls who may have emotional issues, such as homesickness. A wellness centre is available for the girls when they are unwell, where they are cared for by the College Nurse during the day. In cases of serious illness parents and /or guardians may be asked to care for the girls away from the College. The College Nurse also coordinates doctors’ visits as well as appointments with other health professionals in the local area.

For more details about Boarding, please contact the Director of Boarding, Mr Luke Ford, on 9290 4231 or email

School Facilities

Our school library serves as a hub for learning, offering an extensive collection of books and inviting physical spaces for students to study and collaborate.

For a quick refreshment or a social gathering, our on-campus cafe is a favourite spot. Lastly, we prioritise physical fitness with two indoor heated pools and a fully-equipped fitness center.

At St. Brigid’s, we provide not just an education, but an all-encompassing experience that ensures the growth and well-being of our students in every aspect of their lives.

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