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We care about our students

Good mental health is essential to strong academic performance, positive relationships, regular school attendance, and good student behaviour. At St Brigid’s, we understand that good well-being is an essential foundation for students to achieve their academic and personal best.

The College Counsellor works with staff and students to deliver preventative strategies, raise mental health awareness and identify students requiring more comprehensive support.

Along with staff training, whole school approaches to well-being and student skill building, the College Counsellor is able to provide short-term support to students and assist them to link-in with longer-term external services. Direct work with students occurs with the goal of engaging them in appropriate external services and providing consultation to staff working with the student.

Year Team Leaders are the first contact if you are concerned for your child’s wellbeing. The Year Team Leader will consult with the College Counsellor to arrange support. This system ensures students of greatest need are prioritised and that leadership staff are aware of the student’s situation.

How to get support

If you have a son or daughter you are concerned about, there are many options for young people in need of mental health support. These include:

  • Meeting with your family GP for a referral to a private psychologist or mental health professional. Through the better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative, this is an affordable and effective option.
  • Find a local Psychologist: Click here
  • Relationships Australia provides excellent workshops and counselling: Relationships WA
    Individuals 12-25 years old can access headspace for free. There are various locations across Perth including Midland and Armadale: Headspace
  • Headspace provides free online or phone clinical support to 12-25 year olds.
  • Kidshelpline is a free 24-hour support service for 5-25 year olds

Information and resources on mental health can be found in the Library and SchoolTV here.

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