Alumni Involvement and Support

St Brigid’s College prides itself on the strong sense of community that is established among its students. This community extends beyond the duration of one’s time at the College, and it is something that the College actively encourages its alumnae to maintain and foster. Past students can play an important role in contributing to the richness of the College by getting involved in a number of ways.

One way that ex-students can contribute to the College is by becoming involved in mentoring programmes. These programmes provide current students with valuable guidance and advice from those who have already navigated the challenges of College life. Through these mentoring programmes, past students can share their knowledge and experiences to help current students achieve their goals and succeed academically and professionally.

Another way that past students can contribute to the College is by visiting as guest speakers. Sharing their career journeys, their experiences and their knowledge with current students can inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. As role models, past students can also help to reinforce the values and ethos of St Brigid’s College.

For any past students who want further details about reunions or any other aspect of the College, they should contact the Community Relations Office. The office is always happy to hear from alumnae and is dedicated to fostering and maintaining strong relationships between the College and its past students.


St Brigid’s College encourages past students to reconnect with the college by hosting yearly reunions.

  • 2013
  • 2003
  • 1993
  • 1983
  • 1973 and earlier, our “Golden Girls”

Representatives from each Year group are needed to assist us with the planning and preparation of each reunion. We also have numerous old girls without current addresses, so please pass the reunion news on to your classmates.

Please let us know via the contact form below if you have changed your address or contact details.

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Donations & Bequests

We encourage Old Girls of the College to take an active interest in the welfare of St Brigid’s. Over the years, the generosity of a number of Old Girls and their families has been instrumental in both the financing of numerous building and development projects such as additions to the music facilities as well as the provision of a number of scholarships and bursaries.

The close ties Old Girls have with one another and St Brigid’s are reflected in their participation in and support of many of the College’s activities. Old Girls return to teach at the College, assist with coaching sporting teams, as tutors, guest speakers and as guests at many of the functions held each year.

For more details on making a donation to the College, leaving a bequest or becoming involved with College activities, please contact the Community Relations Office on 9290 4205 or email


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For more details about reunions, on making a donation to the College, leaving a bequest or becoming involved with College activities, please contact the Community Relations Office on 9290 4205 or email

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