Consent 2 Go

Student Health & Medical Information

Consent2Go is a platform to help us manage student health and medical information, aid teachers in planning and running excursions and activities, and facilitate parent permissions for those activities. It practically eliminates our reliance on paper forms by using email and secure online student profiles for parent approvals. With each activity, parents will receive an email to update and approve the medical information we hold about their child and to give permission for them to attend the activity.

Consent2Go doesn’t require parents to set up an account or remember a password. If you need to update your child’s profile at any time (between excursions, for example) simply type your email address into the Student Profile Invitation at the link below. It will generate a secure link to allow you to update the profile. Please note that the system requires two-factor authentication and will also send a code to your mobile phone.

Consent2Go Profile Update

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