Lodging an Enrolment Application

To initiate an enrolment application, please complete our online application form below. If you have any questions regarding submitting the form, please contact Patty Majko at majko.patty@stbrigids.wa.edu.au.

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Interviews & Position Confirmation

Applicants for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will be required to attend an interview with the Head of Junior School the year prior to entry. Applicants for other Years in Junior School will be required to attend an interview as positions become available.

Year 7 applicants will be interviewed according to the selection criteria; the process for this begins two years prior to entry. Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 applicants will be interviewed according to the selection criteria and availability of places.

Following the interview either a letter of offer for a position will be given, or in some cases the applicant may continue to remain on the waitlist.

The Acceptance of Student Place Form, given with the Letter of Offer, should be returned by the designated date with the non-refundable Acceptance Fee.

Selection Criteria

When considering an application for places into the Secondary Section the following priorities will apply:

  • Catholic children with siblings already enrolled at the College.
  • Catholic children from our Catholic feeder primary schools.
  • Catholic children from other Catholic primary schools.
  • Catholic children from non-Catholic primary schools.
  • Non-Catholic children with siblings already enrolled at the College.
  • Non-Catholic children attending Catholic primary schools.
  • Non-Catholic children attending non-Catholic primary schools.

Other factors that may be taken into consideration, without prejudice to the above priorities include the date of lodgement of an application; applications for daughters of former students at the College; and day/boarding applications.

Variations to the above may occur where the Principal considers that there are significant pastoral issues which would place an application on a priority basis, given the College’s particular Mercy focus.

Parents who decline an offer of a place will forfeit their priority basis if they seek to reapply for a position in the College.

Intake Years

Intake years are Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10. Other years can be applied for, however, applications are usually waitlisted. Places for these years may only become available when a current student withdraws from the College.

Visit the College on our annual Open Day! College Tours and private appointments are available throughout the year by contacting the Community Relations Coordinator on 9290 4205 or email communityrelations@stbrigids.wa.edu.au.

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