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At the beginning of the term, Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1 students bid goodbye to Grade 12 by presenting beautiful, colourful balloons. This gave early childhood children some insight into their future.


Our Year 1 Green has made an exceptional assembly, planning what they want to be when they grow up.

We want to congratulate all our students who participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Chloe De Vos
Blaise Parmenter
Kayden Seetapah
Perryn Squillace
Sienna Willis
Zachary Cranswick
Nicolas Giglia
Molly Griffiths
Daniel Kettle
Jaden O’Brien
Caylee Tuffin
Prideka Karthikumar
Chelsea Pattison
Harry Pulford
Lara Sanderson
Xavier Tonon
Jacob Urbani


In addition, Prideka, Harry and Xavier achieved distinction in the competition.

Twas the weeks before St Brigid’s College Christmas production entitled “ Lights, Camel, Action”. When all through college, every creature is stirring and busy practising, and even the youngest leagues, the kindergarten is also working hard. The actors’ lines are being learnt, the dances are being practised, and the classes are singing. Hoping that those parents at the concert be swooned by our remarkable talent.


We are excited as the day gets closer.  This year’s Christmas concert has been revamped into a production with parents sitting on chairs and a stage.

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

O glorious St. Cecilia, virgin and
martyr, you won the martyr’s crown
without renouncing your love for
Jesus, the delight of your soul. We
ask that you help us to be faithful in
our love for Jesus, that, in the
communion of the saints, we may
praise Him twice in our song of
rejoicing for the Blood that He shed
which gave us the grace to accomplish
His will on earth.