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Welcome to 2021.

We started the year off with a beautiful evening at  the Year 12 MIAMAD. The young ladies and gentlemen all looked dashing in their dresses and suits. However, from there, things were taken out of our control when the WA  government announced that the holidays would  be extended for a week whilst we were in COVID-19 lockdown. Thank goodness it was only for a week and the students were able start school on February 8th. Yes, we had to wear masks but this was small price to pay.

The extended week did have a roll-on effect on  our planned staggered start for the Year 7s, but with support from the staff and the Year 11 peer mentors, the Year 7s commenced the year smoothly. We were pleased to be able to run our Interhouse Swimming Carnival, albeit with a different look. It was the first time that we were not able to have parents attend and the girls all had to wear their face masks unless they were swimming or eating. We also held our Opening Mass, but we were not able to celebrate our 2020 ATAR achievers.  We will be inviting these girls to join us later on in the term. We ended Week One with the SRC Leadership  Camp which was well enjoyed by our College leaders who all have wonderful plans for the year ahead. The first week was extremely busy, but the girls were very adaptable with the changes we had to make.

Week Two was a little quieter. Thank you to the parents who attended the  Parent Information evening on Tuesday 16th February.  For those parents who were not able to attend,  the PowerPoints from the relevant Year Team Leaders have been placed  on the College Website.

Our Ash Wednesday Liturgy was held  in the College Gym with students from  Year 2-12 participating. Whist we weren’t able to distribute ashes due to COVID restrictions, the students were all  very reverent during the service organised  by Mr. Adrian Martino, Our Director of Faith and Mission.  After the Liturgy, the Year 7’s left to go on their camp to Point Peron.

The Year 7 camp was full of adventure and for some students, a great opportunity for trying out new things. The O’Connor girls broke the camp school crate stacking record so their photo has made the honour wall at the campsite. The girls nominated themselves for a House Rep position. This meant that they had to write a speech and present it to their peers. The group then had to vote. The Year 7 House Reps were announced at their Year Assembly on Tuesday.

Week three has started with the Year 8s and 9s going off campus to attend their team build days. It was hot, but the girls had a great time learning new skills whilst also challenging themselves on climbing ropes, doing the commando course, and playing trust games. All the girls are certainly looking forward to the Boarders’ Long Weekend this week and a few days to recharge.

I would like to remind all parents and friends about the Triple Positive Parent Seminar on Thursday 4th March at 6:30 in the College Gym., you need to click on the link to confirm your attendance

The Year 7 parents also have the Year 7 Sundowner on Sunday, March 7th, for all family members. Your daughter can show you around her classrooms, introduce you to her friends, and you can meet other Year 7 parents.

Ms. Fiona Hepi

Head of Secondary