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2023 Primary Inter-House Cross Country

Published May 22, 2023 · Academic

It was a day of sun, fun and sport at our annual Primary Inter-House Cross Country ! Thank you to everyone who made the day absolutely perfect- teachers, volunteers, parents, supporter. Our young athletes showed their sporting mettle and enjoyed the day immensely. Congratulations to our running champs and the House win this year went to Watson. Here’s a full list of our the results of the day

House Points

1st Watson

2nd Docherty

3rd O’Connor

4th McAuley

5th Shine

6th Reilly

Spirit Bear

Year 5’s


Girls Boys

1st Isabella Allibone

2nd Willow Altinier

3rd Ebony Naismith


1st Patrick Fitzgerald

2nd Jack Jones

3rd Aleksei Pellicciotti

Year 1

1st Zara Daby

2nd Vittoria Mammone

3rd Mini Omedei

Year 1

1st Jack Sanderson

2nd Daniel Ouwendyk

3rd Lewis Dickson

Year 2

1st Wynter Miller

2nd Jaime Spencer

3rd Kate Bolding

Year 2

1st Xavier Foster-Saville

2nd Blake Petersen

3rd Logan De Vos

Year 3

1st Amelia Ouwendyk

2nd Harriet Dickinson

3rd Eva Separovic

Year 3

1st Nate Paull

2nd Oscar Hamill

3rd Oscar Fitzgerald

Year 4

1st Indiana Hall

2nd Eva Griffiths

3rd Annie Zuiderzijk

Year 4

1st Tate Shortis

2nd Thomas Bolding

3rd Joshua Goodall

Year 5

1st Aurelia Turley

2nd Dou Dou Aird

3rd Jessica Edwards

Year 5

1st Henry Herbert-Drake

2nd Oynx Wearn

3rd Ben Guppy

Year 6

1st Clara Hamill

2nd Molly Sayer

3rd Kaylee Tuffin

Year 6

1st Kade Sanderson

2nd Benjamin Olk

3rd. Jace Goodall

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