Vision For Learning

At St Brigid’s College, our Vision for Learning is inspired by the work and words of our foundress Catherine McAuley together with our College Mission and Mercy Values. Our College mission, lays the foundation of our Vision for learning as we strive to support every student in our community, for their very best outcome.

We are led through our mission by this statement, We at St Brigid’s College are committed to providing excellence in education within a Christ-centred environment. St Brigid’s College nurtures and supports every student in their growth as contributing member of the community within the Spirit of Mercy.

A vision for learning helps teachers and school leaders work and deliver from a unified set of values and beliefs which drive the development of a high performing and inclusive teaching and learning culture. Our St Brigid’s College Vision for Learning will develop actions that will help to foster a highly skilled and high-performing learning culture for students and staff.

Through this our Vision for Learning is clear,
At St Brigid’s College we Light the Way for every student to be confident, critical thinkers, who are empowered to illuminate the path ahead.

Our Vision for Learning for our students is inspired by our foundress Catherine McAuley, who said, “We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.” Our students grow and are inspired in their learning journey guided by these words and actions:

We take ownership of our learning.
We make purposeful contributions.
We respond positively to challenges and opportunities.
We are creative and imaginative.
We support and collaborate with each other.

Our Vision for Learning for our Teachers is also inspired by our foundress Catherine McAuley, who said, “It is not what we have, but what we give that defines who we are.”  Our teachers work in collaboration with our students and community guided by these words and actions:

We share high expectations and take responsibility for all students.
We work in teams.
We use data to inform our practice.
We have professional expertise that is continually enhance.
We build positive relationships with all members of our community.