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Published April 1, 2021 · Academic

Dear Parents

Term 1 has certainly been a whirlwind of activity for our boarding community especially after our first week ended in a lockdown. This definitely didn’t deter our boarders and they’ve had a fabulous term overall. It was great to end the term with Year 11 boarder, Selena Thompson receiving one of the prestigious Spirt of Mercy Awards at this week’s Spirit of Mercy Assembly. Selena was nominated for the kindness she shows to those new to boarding and her generous and caring nature. Well done Selena we are very proud of you. We also had girls take part in a number of representative college teams including 8 boarders in the ACC Swimming Carnival and two in the Da Vinci Decathlon championships held this week at UWA.

A number of parents have enquired about private tutors for their daughters. If you’re keen on engaging a tutor, please email me directly so that I can assist you. We also have tutors available Tuesday – Thursday for all students from 6.45pm – 8.15pm. The tutors are located in the Dining Room so please encourage your daughters to take advantage of this free service if they feel they would benefit from some additional support. Free maths tutoring on Mondays at lunchtime and after school is also available for all year groups.

In recent weeks we have had a number of boarders falling ill and exhibiting cold and flu or gastro symptoms. Whilst COVID-19 may not be at the top of the conversation list in WA, we are still required to maintain certain levels of precaution, so I do remind you all of the following for the coming term:

  • Please ensure that your Perth based guardian is willing and available to accommodate your daughter in the event she is ill or the boarding house needs to close in case of a COVID-19 emergency and transport home isn’t an option.
  • If your daughter is on leave with hosts/guardians and falls ill with flu like symptoms or any type of stomach upset or gastro symptoms, she must remain in their care and not return to boarding unwell.
  • Unwell boarders with flu and cold symptoms may need to be collected so please don’t be offended when we call you about this, we are just being cautious and responsible.

In previous correspondence, I referred to the need for girls to be kind and considerate of one another, particularly in a residential setting. I’m saddened to have had to deal with a number of incidents this term where girls behaviour has been less than kind and considerate. I urge parents to have a conversation with their daughters over the holiday break about appropriate behaviour and the boarding code of conduct that each girl and her parents has signed. Living in a residential community isn’t easy. Each girl needs to respect the privacy of others and their need for time alone. It isn’t appropriate to just enter someone’s room without first knocking and asking for permission, nor is it okay to remain in someone’s room when they’ve asked you to leave.

I do remind parents that boarding will remain open for the ANZAC Day long weekend and that it’s not appropriate for boarders to take an extended break between school holidays and ANZAC Day. Please lodge your leave via REACH asap if you’re planning on taking your daughter out so that we can plan the break accordingly.

Please enjoy the forthcoming holidays and time with your daughters. I wish you all a safe and happy Easter.

Best wishes
Annamaria Cream
Head of Boarding

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