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Published 01/11/2022 · Academic

We ended Term 3 with the first of many celebrations for our Graduating Year 12 Girls of 2022. We had a lovely High Tea at “Lavender Bistro and Boutique”. The girls were thrilled to have Father McMahon, Principal Mrs Parker, Year 12 Team Leader Mrs Cumpsty, Ms Hepi, Mrs Byrne and Housemother Mrs Gill and Mrs O’Grady.

Year 12 girls then returned to a fun-filled night, the year 11 girls were hosting a “Farewell to Year 12’s” evening, and all the Boarding Girls attended in their PJs and take their doonas. The girls are presented with a slideshow of photos of the graduating class, and each girl receives a gift presented by a Year 11 girl with some kind words about a fun time or a memorable moment in their Boarding journey. Well done, Year 11 girls, for a great night

Mercy Dinner was celebrated in our Dining Room, with special guests and our young ladies looking lovely. Thank you to our Principal for being our special guest speaker.

Also, we must thank our Year 10 girls for waitressing on the tables, they were kept very busy serving the food and drinks all evening. Well done girls.

Thank you to Chef Peter and his very capable kitchen staff for a beautifully presented 3 course meal that was delicious and truly appreciated by our guest’s and Boarding Community.

Just when we thought we had it all planned for the end of term our Prime Minister thought he would spice things up for us by announcing a Public Holiday on the last day of term! A mad scramble was then done by staff and parents to change travel plans…

Year 9 girls have had a Social at the Kalamunda Bowling Club, so they got to test their lawn bowling skills out, a fun night enjoyed by all that attended.

The annual Sportsperson Awards night has been held and is was very pleasing to see our Boarding girls do very well in the awards presented in the various sports offered her at SBC. Well Done girls.

We have also had a varied amount of Weekend Rec Activities on offer to the girls, that has included Scarborough Beach Markets, San Churros, AFLW games, Taco Bell, Lesmurdie Falls, Christmas Decoration making and the list goes on.

Whilst I am on the subject of Weekend Rec, it would be pleasing to see more girls putting their names down for Rec, many events are cancelled purely because of lack of numbers. So, if your daughter is saying its boring on weekends, this is purely because they are choosing to be bored, so please encourage them to put their names down so we can take girls to all the events that we plan on a weekend.

Some of our Year Eleven girls, attended the Out-Door Recreation Camp and from what we have heard they had a good time even though it was cold some mornings.

We still have plenty to cover this term, with many more exciting events in the next few weeks, so until next time.


Kind Regards

Donna, Lynn and Fiona


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