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From the Deputy Principal

Published April 1, 2022 · Academic

It has been an incredible first term at the College, with a hive of activity occurring in the classrooms! A positive of the current restrictions have been that our teaching staff have been able to focus on giving our students the best start to the year possible.  They have focused on classroom innovations, implementing new programmes and upskilling our students using a variety of online platforms (a huge congratulations to our primary students who mastered this in record time!).

I want to congratulate all of our students, from our littlest learners in the pre-kindergarten through to the Year 12s, who have again shown true resilience and are determined to get the most out of the first term.  So many milestones have been achieved; from writing names for the first time in the early years, to mastering TEAMs in the middle years of primary, hitting the kitchen in Year 5 to embracing to preparing for NAPLAN and OLNA in the Secondary and commencing a variety of certifications and WACE subjects in the senior years … no matter the year level we are so proud of what you have achieved.

The Term One Report provides a snapshot of a student’s academic progress and application across this first term. It is in the process of being uploaded to SEQTA Engage for students in Pre-primary to Year 12. On Thursday, 7th April (9.00 am – 6.00 pm), interviews will be held for Kindergarten to Year Twelve families, allowing for families and their child(ren) to meet online with teachers (students must have a parent present).   In some cases, Boarding families may still be travelling on the scheduled date; Boarding families only will have an additional opportunity between 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm for a TEAMs meeting on the 8th April.   Whilst we would prefer to hold our interviews face to face, the Term One meetings will occur only via Microsoft TEAMs.  Where teachers have requested a meeting with parents and guardians, please consider these requests essential. We look forward to meeting with our families.

We want to extend our gratitude to our Parent Forum for continuing to support our Lexile Reading programme, which is accessed by students up to Year Eight currently.  We have purchased over 500 books for the library, and we love our students joining us to extend their reading skills and, significantly, comprehension.  Our students from across the College enjoy the new resources as they arrive.

As we move into Term Two, it is looking to prove to be again a busy term, with the following dates of note:

  • NAPLAN in Years 3,5,7 and 9 [Commencing Week 3]
  • Year 12 General Externally Set Task [Commencing Week 3]
  • Year 11 and 12 Examinations [Commencing Week 6]
  • Year 10 Examinations [Commencing Week 7]
  • Year 11 2023 Subject Selection Evening [29th June]
  • K – Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews [30th June]

Plus, Career Presentations at lunchtime will continue into the second term.

We are looking forward to a full and energised Term 2.

Have a safe and blessed Easter holiday.


Janine Walsh

Deputy Principal

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