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Published 01/04/2021 · Academic

Despite manoeuvring through the short term like formula one drivers, our primary teachers have established and accomplished many things within a short period. Our Spelling Mastery lessons have been in full swing. Every morning, students moved into their learning groups in an orderly and synchronised way. Many students have mentioned how much they enjoyed the daily spelling routines.

Within the classroom, students regularly used mini-whiteboards. The whiteboards are similar to the old-fashioned chalkboards that allow students to show their responses. Having students write the responses on whiteboards gave the teachers the chance to quickly glance around the room and see the student’s answers in real-time assessment mode, provide immediate feedback and correct any mistakes made. Whiteboards are a great way to “Check for Understanding” and ensure that every student is learning and working. Lifting the boards also provides a kinesthetic activity for students when they show their answers.

Our kindy children made instruments with socks and stones as part of their letters and sounds activities. This activity helped to train their little ears to discern different sounds. They sang and played their hand-made instruments and entertained our visitors during the Open Day.

It was lovely to share the achievements of the students with their parents during our assemblies. We had an astounding discovery of talents in Year 6 Green as these students wrote their script and directed the skit. Embedded within the brilliant dramaturgy were important messages about cybersafety. Year 5 Gold used their understanding of persuasive text and turned it into an entertaining play. In their skit, the big bad wolf’s lawyer had to convince the court that the wolf was not the perpetrator, but an innocent and misunderstood character who knocked on the little pigs’ doors to borrow a cup of sugar!

The swimming carnival was one of the highlights of this term, and it was an event that exhibited St Brigid’s College community and warmth. Parents decorated the house bays and the decorations had a wonderful carnival fiesta feel. The excitement of the event pumped through the veins of our students as they competed in their events. Everyone was a winner because of the immense participation and collaboration.

Primary Inter-House Swimming Results:

1. Watson 1391
2. McAuley 1364
3. Shine 1223
4. Rielly 1215
5. Docherty 1183
6. O’Connor 1110

Year 3 Boys
Champion – Nicholas Emmott
Runner up – Blaise Parmenter

Year 3 Girls
Champion – Madison Schmidberger
Runner up – Kayla Pammenter

Year 4 Boys
Champion – Jase Goodall & Daniel Kettle
Runner up – Kyle Hales

Year 4 Girls
Champion – Molly Sayer
Runner up – Havana Dobson & Maisie Lloyd

Year 5 Boys
Champion – Aaden Kettle
Runner up – Kobi Paull

Year 5 Girls
Champion – Giuseppina D’Orazio
Runner up – Lara Sanderson

Year 6 Boys
Champion – William Stockdale
Runner up – Nathaniel Martin

Year 6 Girls
Champion – Amelie Markovic
Runner up – Ella Evangelista-Comito & Laura Considine

Many other exciting events have taken place since the last newsletter, including the Year 4s celebrating their liturgy at OLOL church. It was a refreshing change to walk across and celebrate Mass with the parishioners. The Year 2s and 3s celebrated their Mass in the chapel.

The Year 5s took Mrs Cox’s message of “hospitality” and “compassion” to another level. They integrated narrative writing with religion as they retold the Good Samaritan story and made their story enjoyable by using their grammar skills.

We also had the Year 2s and 3s visiting the Sawyers Valley Primary School, going back to the olden days.

Some of our primary students were presented the Spirit of Mercy Award, as they consistently made a positive contribution to the school community.
Kindy – Prudence Hookway
Preprimary – Cruz Marvelli
Year 1-Lakshmi Thananchayan
Year 2 – Thomas Bolding
Year 3- Laycee Chadd
Year 4 – Carlo Ridolo
Year 5 -Isabelle Tysoe
Year 6 – McKenzie Allington

The Year 5’s took centre stage for the Stations of the Cross and a liturgical dance presentation. Students were moved as they remembered the love of Christ as He sacrificed Himself for us. The Easter Hat Parade gave the students an upbeat end to the term. The entire parade glowed with colours.

As you can see, the primary area is always vibrant with activities. There is never a dull moment on the primary campus.

As Easter approaches, may we always remember that Easter not only renews our faith but it is a new beginning and new hope, especially at this time when the world needs reminding during the pandemic. From the staff on the Primary campus, we wish every one of you a Blessed Easter and a safe holiday.

“We are an Easter People, and Alleluia is our song.” St John Paul II

Anne Tan
Head of Junior School

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