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Published 01/07/2021 · Academic

Term 2 is over—how time flies. I was recently reading an article in the Economist about how Covid has disrupted education on a large scale. Since mid-April last year, 90% of the world’s learners have been locked out of classrooms. The closure of schools has impacted many students learning. Data has shown students learning less than what they usually would have done. At St Brigid’s College, we are blessed to be able to embrace classroom teaching and face to face contact. Our teachers continuously work hard in providing students with the best possibilities in the academic, social and spiritual aspects of their daily schooling activities.

You would by now have received your child’s Semester 1 report via the SEQTA portal. It is good to acknowledge your child’s effort and also a perfect opportunity to encourage your child and build a growth mindset with them. Some schools talk about Dr Carol Dweck and use the power of ‘Yet’. I, for one, believe that all our students will reach their potential with guidance and directions from our teachers and parents. We have high expectations for our students in our school community. We know they will develop their abilities; and we encourage parents to praise the process and not the end results.

When you watch students playing together, the Mercy value of Hospitality is certainly evident. Hospitality is being inviting and accepting of everyone. Students in the early years are naturally inclusive. Everyone is involved in the creation, and all ideas are welcomed. For example, the boys built a zoo, and Milly wanted to have a spa within the zoo. The little ones quickly accepted the ‘out of the box’ concept.

At the Lightning Carnival recently, we had students involved in various sports. They encouraged and supported one another. We all have different talents, some shine exceptionally in sports, and others don’t. Whatever their sporting capabilities, they all played as one team. The wonderful Year 11 students were there, guiding and coaching their younger counterparts.

Lunchtime is a time for sharing, caring, and having conversations with our friends. When it is wet weather, the Year 6 students organise structured games for the younger ones.

Let the little children come unto me; it was a delight to witness the Year 1s liturgy in the Heritage Chapel, as they sang and confidently prayed the “Our Father”. The Year 6’s received the Sacrament of Confirmation on the 27 and 28 of June. I always enjoy listening to the names of the Saints they select. We congratulate the candidates for receiving the Holy Spirit and look forward to them being the succession of the Apostles.

In Catholic Education, stewardship is one of the pillars of our vision and strategies. Through Pope Francis’ Laudato Si, the Year 6s have learned that we can live out our faith by caring for our common home. The world speaks about climate change and reducing carbon footprint. But, as Mother Teresa once said, we can always do small things with love. We can start the difference right here by providing opportunities to recycle containers for charity. We encourage students to place containers for change in the designated recycling bins. We also teach students about looking after and respecting the environment through minimising litter, less plastic wrappers, putting rubbish in the bins. On the topic of the environment, the boys’ toilets will be undergoing refurbishment these holidays. The boys will certainly find the “oasis” more pleasant place to visit.

Students have enjoyed their time learning to dance hip-hop with the help of the Edu-Dance instructors. Dancing teaches timing, body movements and control. But, most importantly, the students enjoyed working with one another. Unfortunately, due to the snap COVID lockdown, the students could not perform their dance items. However, some made the most of the day and performed around the college and showcased their dance in class.

Our assemblies always are always magnificently linked to the curriculum. For example, Year 4 Green spoke about Colonisation and exploration, while the Year 3 Green presented about different celebrations throughout the globe.

It has been an excellent term despite the lockdown. This unpredictability only makes us stronger and more resilient.

“Wise men ne’er sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms”. William Shakespeare.
We wish everyone a safe holiday. God Bless.

Anne Tan
Head of Primary

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