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Published 23/09/2022 · Academic

Another term has come to an end. I am not really sure where the time is going. It seemed like only a couple of weeks ago, Term Three started. However, after talking to a lot of the young ladies, they have informed me they are tired and are looking forward to the break.

The young ladies have achieved a lot this term. Some of our Year Elevens nominated themselves for a 2023 Leadership position. They went through the process of completing a nomination form, writing a speech and presenting it to students from years 7 -11, and if successful, they then had an interview with staff from different areas. Throughout this time, they continued with their studies and sporting commitments and wondered what dress they should wear to the Father-Daughter dinner dance. The dinner dance was a huge success; from the feedback, all had a lovely evening.

While the Year Elevens were enjoying the evening with their dads, the Year Eights had their social with Mazenod at Mazenod. The first half of the evening was sideshow alley activities where they played various games, had photos in the photo booth and had the opportunity to eat ice cream and then moved to the silent disco part. The girls enjoyed the evening, and they won the dance-off competition. A huge thank you to the year 10, 11 and 12s who ran the activities.

The Year 9s had the survival challenge where they were placed into Survival Teams and had to complete several challenges to keep their tribal flag. The weather held off, and some sunshine peaked through the clouds for the young ladies.

The young ladies in Year 10s had some formal dance lessons, and then they celebrated with a dinner dance. They loved the evening and enjoyed showing off their new dance moves. As mentioned earlier, the young ladies have managed to do a lot in a short time.

The Year Sevens finally went on their start of the year camp, but due to COVID, we had to postpone it until now. The girls were excited, but some were nervous about going away for a few nights.

We ended Term Three with a bang by celebrating our Mercy Heritage and all things Mercy, including the Colour Fun Run. There was lots of colour and water squirting thanks to the Kalamunda Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Mercy Mass was celebrated in the College gym, and we announced the College Leaders for 2023. Ella Giglia and Mackenzie Houlahan as head Girls; Alisha Sadler and Kiera Watts as Head Boarders; Mariah D’Silva as Ministry, Hannah MacDonald as Cultural; Sienna Glazebrook as Sustainability, Lily Parker as Sports leader. We also announced the boarding Counsellors for 2023, Cameron Loton and Juliet Nixon, the House Leaders, and their reps. For Docherty, we have Sydney Loveridge as House Leader and Amy Lynch and Vienna Wincomb as the representatives. McAuley’s House leader is Kate Lobb, and the representatives are Abbey Hopkins and Aena Siji. O’Connor’s House Leader is Cameron Loton, and the representatives are Josie Lawrence and Laura Jenkins. Rielly’s House leader is Sophie Daniele, and the representatives are Marie Mussoodee and Alisha Sadler. Shine’s house leader is Olivia Mycoe, and the reps are Saira Sarkis and Kayla Di Carlo. Watson’s House leader is Lilly-Ann Hurts, and the representatives are Niamh Burke and Ruby Anderson. We wish all of these young ladies the best with their roles for 2023.

I am concluding this final E-news for Term Three with a tribute to our Year Twelve parents. You are nearly at the end; trust me, all of the tears and shouting matches are finally over. Your daughters are ready to step out of the security of the school routine and start the next chapter of their lives. You have succeeded and need to be very proud of it. I am sorry I told the ATAR parents a little white lie; your tears are not over yet, but they will be soon. We wish the young ladies doing the ATAR pathway all of the best with their coming exams.

Term Four, the students wear their summer uniform, so we ask that you check your daughter’s dress length. God bless, and stay safe over the break.


Kind Regards,

Fiona Hepi

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