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Published May 28, 2021 · Academic

Year 7-9 students have all been busy working on completing set tasks and in-class tests, while the Year 10 -12 young ladies have been working on revision for their forthcoming exams in weeks eight and nine. We encourage you to contact your daughter’s teachers if you have any concerns regarding academic progress and her relevant Year Team Leader if you have any general issues you’d like to discuss.

Earlier this term, we held the Dodgeball house event. This involved a small number of students from each year group competing for house points. Even though we had it during COVID restrictions, the students who participated did a fantastic job gaining valuable points for their house.

It was beautiful to see the determination on some of the young ladies faces while competing in the Interhouse Athletics Carnival. Similarly, the number of girls participating in events and gaining valuable house points was also very pleasing. Despite a change of date due to bad weather, many parents were still able to come along to watch and cheer on their daughters. Results will be announced soon, as will training schedules for the ACC Athletics Carnival. The Year 12 Leavers tops arrived just in time for the girls to be able to wear them for the afternoon at the carnival which certainly made for much excitement.

The young ladies have gotten into the routine of wearing their socks or tights as part of the Winter school uniform. It has been good seeing many skirt lengths abiding to the uniform policy too. However, some girls still need a friendly reminder about this . We are still waiting on the new blazers to arrive – fingers crossed they arrive sooner rather than later.

Just a couple of friendly reminders:
• All students (unless they have training before school) must come to school wearing their Winter uniform. Students have enough time to change into their sports uniform at the start of their lesson.
• Students are to lock their mobile into lockers from 8:35 until 3:23. If you need to contact your daughter during this time, please go through the correct channels, call Student Reception. Many girls caught with their phone say that they are waiting for a message from parents .
• We are also concerned to hear that phones are being used by some students who are filming in the bathrooms and placing the videos on social media sites. The College has spoken to the students about phone etiquette and would appreciate it if parents can also discuss the dangers of phones used to film in places such as in the toilets.

Ms Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary

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