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Published September 24, 2021 ·

Where has this term gone?

The weather has been grey and cold for most of Term Three, however it was great to finally see the sun shining and the temperature in the low to mid-twenties for the last couple of weeks (though we did have a couple of really cold days!).

The previous weeks have seen the young ladies at St Brigid’s working hard to consolidate all they have learned in Term Three, through tests, experiments, and assessments. Many of our Year Twelve students are getting ready to sit their final exams for the College before they sit their ATAR exams. Below are some handy hints from SchoolTV to assist your daughter through her exams. This information is not just for the Year Twelve students, but all students sitting exams in Term Four.

SchoolTv for Exam Jitters

Setting a schedule is vitally important. Students need to schedule everything from sleeping and eating, to studying and exercising. It is one of the best ways to manage inevitable exam stress. Students need to look after themselves when they have big demands in their life. When it comes to productive study, sometimes less is often more. It is recommended that students hit the books in 50-minute stints, broken up by 15-minute breaks, giving the brain and body a rest. Adolescents will often underestimate the amount of sleep they need, and getting enough sleep is key to successful study practices.

Research shows that physical activity also has a very positive impact on mental well being. Eating well is another crucial factor in maintaining concentration and staying focussed on the task ahead.
Students today have very busy schedules all year round, but especially during exam time. School is very different today for the current generation. The digital revolution has changed the way kids learn and study with information available at their fingertips 24 hours a day. It is important for parents to understand this and support their children to help reduce stress levels.

Following our Mercy Day Mass, we announced the 2022 Leaders and celebrated the end of Term Three with Mercy Day events. The House Coordinators and their helpers set up stores to raise money for Mercy Works. Their peers then entertained the students at the cultural festival which provides an opportunity for students to perform in front of the whole College.

A friendly reminder that the young ladies will come to school wearing their summer uniforms in Term Four. This means that they need to wear their boater to and from school and at recess and lunchtimes. We ask that you check the length of your daughter’s dress as I know some girls have grown taller during Term Two and Three.

I wish all of our families a restful and safe break. Hopefully, the young ladies will assist around the house and cook you a meal so you can have a well-deserved break as a parent. I want to take this time to wish the class of 2021 all the best in whatever pathway they may take.

Fiona Hepi
Head of Secondary

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